30 August06
Added Day 18 and Day 19 to Radiator/Airflow mods section.
22 July 06
Updated Air Bypass Valve and Interior in the SW11 section, and added Stereo and Seats.
20 July 06
Added Air Bypass Valve and Painting Part 3 to the SW11 section.
8 July 06
Added Group S MR2 Rally Car to the tech section and updated the information on the 3SGTE Generations page.
12 June 06
Added Day 17 to the Radiator/Airflow mods
8 April 06
Added Image Galleries to the SW11 section
7 April 06
Added The Swap, Donor Car, The Engine and Body pages to the SW11Jr section
21 Mar 06
Added Engine wiring revamp and updated main, interior, Upgrades part 2, Engine and Body pages in the SW11 section
28 Feb 06
Added SW11 Jr. and SW20 sections. Corsa gets a strut brace, and sadly The ST185 is sold

You have reached the home of one of New Zealand's 3SGTE powered mk1 MR2 (or AW11), also known as a Mk1.5, or SW11. The car was built by myself, Malcolm Graham, and is constantly undergoing changes. Click here to learn more.

In these pages you will find more info than you could ever want about the cars I've owned. You'll also find a bit of tech info, mostly to do with Toyotas, I hope some of you will find it useful. I try to keep the information as accurate as possible, but nobody's perfect, so if you see an error, please email me and point it out.

I am also usually happy to help out where possible with other people's 3SGTE conversions. Although I'm certainly not the most knowledgable person on such matters, I do have a pretty decent amount of experience with the 3SGTE in its various forms, and the problems experienced when trying to stick it somewhere it's not meant to go!