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The Story So Far

The Celica was purchased in February 2001, and around May of the same year, it spat out the rod bearings due to lack of oil (oops). It then went thorough a major rebuild. The interior was stripped and it had all unneccessary wiring removed with new wiring run for the stereo and alarm. Panels were heavily sound deadened and things were generally tampered with. A 2nd hand engine was sourced, a upgraded clutch purchased, the turbo was sent for a rebuild and upgrade, the exhaust was upgraded, as was the intercooler and piping, and some RC body panels found their way onto the car. The general plan for the Celica was for it to be a regular driver with occassional drag and track outings.

It took quite while to finish the car, but it finally returned to the road around October 2003. After a huge amount of time and money, it was great to be driving it again.

In January 2004 I took it to the drags, and it ran a 13.5 first try. A couple of runs later I'd got down to a 13.46, which is a pretty respectable time considering it was on still on the stock fuel system, with no ECU or fuel mods whatsoever, and was only running 14psi. After this the decision was made that it would be worth investing in trying to make this car a bit more of a weapon.

In March, I returned to the strip with the only change being a completely stripped interior, and other various weight reduction modifications. On the first run the car pulled a 13.101 @ 165km/h, with an excellent 1.74 60 foot.. Unfortunately I only got 3 more runs that night, in the first the car rolled while staged causing a redlight, and the timing to start before I was even ready, so I cruised through for a 16. I can't remember what happened in the next run, but I only managed a 13.6 or something. On the last run the track hadn't been raced on for about an hour, and it was about 9pm so the track had cooled down. Due to this the car got a lot of wheelspin off the line, and on the 1st-2nd gear change. Only managed a 13.2 and was eliminated by an 11 second Subaru.

During that night the car had some problems, The front was toeing out something chronic due to having changed the wheelbearings and not having had an alignment, and by the end of the night the gearbox was almost completely stuffed. I'm sure the car would've done a 12 on the set up that it had.

Unfortunately, we'll never know, the gearbox died a couple of weeks later, upon dismantling I found the conical output gear that comes off the center diff to go to the back wheels had completely shredded itself. Too many hard launches I suspect. At that point the intercooler, turbo, and exhaust were sold, and a Microtech LTX-8 computer, Blitz K3T turbo kit, and some other goodies were purchased. Since building the SW11, however, it quickly became apparent that there were much better returns to be had from a car with the same engine that weighed 300kg less, and having sat around for nearly a year without being touched, I finally decided to sell this car.