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1-Piece Engine/Boot lid

Since the engine conversion I no longer have a latch to keep the engine lid down. I had originally planned to use bonnet pins, but then I decided to do a one piece engine/boot lid so just the boot latch can hold everything down. that big hole isn't going to stay there, instead there will be a large rearward facing vent.

One day I will redo this with fibreglass, along with the bonnet. Anyway;

First thing I did was cut out a slot for some 19mm square tubing to go through in the bootlid. How I've done this allows the boot to still seal on the standard rubber seal, so no leaks!

Square tubing in place:

Both sides done, laid over engine lid so I can mark where to cut on this:

After a bit of test fitting, wriggling around etc....magic:

And a quick shot of it all installed: