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Engine wiring revamp

Just another thing I did during the big Summer 05-06 makeover. Here's a before picture of the boot wiring/layout:

This doesn't really show the extent of the mess, but trust me, it was kinda nasty.

So here's the boot wiring after the tidy up, everything is mounted so a flat panel coming down from the seal will cover it. It's not actually quite done here, but you get the idea of the general layout:

Here's a close up of the coil/ignitor, under the ECU

And what you see from the engine bay:

Here's the distribution block. The large 4 gauge red wire entering on the left runs to the alternator, the two 8 gauge red wires run to the starter (this is the path through which the charging current runs to the battery). You can't see but there's a black and a white wire, which are normally in the M2 connector (but I removed it) which are the main power feeds into the fusebox for a variety of purposes:

In the above pic you can also see the coil outlet, on the left, and the new plug (pictured below) down a bit from the distribution block. As you can see it's nice and discrete :)

Here's the ugly old M2 connector. You can see the black and white wires mentioned above, there's also a smaller black wire with a white stripe that is the starter signal to the ECU and circuit opening relay, and a blue wire with black stripe that powers the engine bay ventilation fan. I don't know what the green wires do but they were never connected and didn't seem to mind!

And to replace this plug I used a discrete black plug, which is usually attached to a fan:

I don't have any good shots of everything finished but I'll try to get some and update this page soon