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The state of the interior is slowly moving forward. I have been trying not to spend too much time on it as having the car running and driving is the main priority. I have installed a short shifter made by my mate Nathan, and a TRD ball gear knob. I've also finally got both seats in, I have finished the install of the CD stacker (under the headunit, shuttle goes in the side of the centre console), I have also installed a couple of LCD temperature displays into the instrument cluster...BUT! the CD stacker has stopped recognising the CD shuttle and no longer works, and the LCD temp displays light up but don't show any numbers! So in frustration I've given up on them for a while, I'm planning something much cooler and more useful, what many people call a carputer. I'll primarily use it for storing and playing all my music in the form of MP3s, but further down the track I would like to set it up to recieve and display analogue inputs from sensors so it can replace gauges such as the temp probes and such, and possibly even see if I can make or find some form of data logger.

In case you were wondering, the boost gauge is tilted because if it isn't then the needle disappears behind the steering wheel when it gets above about 5psi.