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Coolant Hardpipes

I was never happy with the mess of rubber hoses that resided above the gearbox after doing the swap. The coolant pipes were made up of bits of rubber and steel pipes from the aw11 and sw20, cut up and pieced together forming what can only be described as Frakenpipes. Click here to see what I mean.

So anyway, I made up some piping using 31.8 and 15mm steel piping. I had the 32mm pipes bent at Pit Stop (and exhaust shop) and borrowed a plumber's hand-bender to do the 15mm piping. The 3 hard pipes coming up by the gearbox were split into 2 pieces to give them flexibility and to make them easy to install.

So, pictures - this may take a while to load!

I think you will agree, this looks much tidier and more discrete. There's still too many bloody rubber hoses there with the fuel lines, w/a intercooler lines (not installed in pics), idle air hose, PCV hose, and a few vacuum lines!