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Day 17

You might not believe this but I finally did some more work on the car! Big mission yesterday where I worked for about 13 hours on it with no breaks, to try and make up for lost time. For those that aren't aware, the reason for not having touched it in so long was a combination of being very busy with uni, and having a broken arm!

So anyway, before today I had done some other little things, such as fully setting up the radiator with all the plumbing and running it, bleeding air etc - all works pretty nicely. Here are some miscellaneous pictures:

The air bleeder valves:

Radiator fan mounted to radiator, using thin bolts, large washers and cable ties

So anyway, onto yesterday's work! The first thing I did was to begin on making the duct that goes between the intercooler radiator and the engine radiator. Basically I removed the engine rad, wrapped the intercooler rad in cling-wrap, then put some fabric across the span, using pieces of bamboo to form the sides of the engine rad. I then brushed polyester resin over the fabric. Unfortunately because of the cold weather (it's winter here) the resin took a very long time to set, and it didn't go stiff enough, possibly because I didn't use enough resin? Anyway I put some glass over the top later to stiffen it, but unfortunately by this time I only had a very massive paint brush left for applying resin, and I put too much hardener in to try make it dry fast, so the results were less than stellar. Not the end of the world though, all I wanted was the basic shape to work from.

Having done that I then looked at how I was going to mount the horns. I quickly realised that thanks to the myriad of brackets on the ic rad I could just attach them on that. Should be nice and loud!

So I also wired up the intercooler pump. I decided the best way to run it is to have it switched on with the fuel pump. At the same time I set up a relay and some really heavy duty wires to the fuel pump to reduce voltage drop - in this pic you can see the two relays on a wicked little polished aluminium bracket I made for them The power is supplied from the big gold fuse block.

I also ran the pipes that go from engine bay to radiator/pump for the intercooler system. I don't have any pics but I used clear tubing and hope it will be up to the task! I might put some blue food colouring into the water to make them look funky

Slightly unrelated but I finally made up a panel to cover the hole in the rear bulkhead of the engine bay! I used self tapping screws to secure it, should be plenty strong. This panel still needs to be painted (anyone have any thoughts on what colour?). Also when I'm done it'll be hidden by another panel that will cover all the wiring, ecus etc.

So yes, a productive day, finally!