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Day 18

I realised I hadn't put this update on the website, so it's a bit belated but here you go.

The cold weather has been making the resin very slow to dry, so I have only really been able to do one bit of fibreglass work each day. When I went back and had a look at the ducty-shroudy thing I made before out of the fabric soaked in resin, I wasn't happy with how it came out, so I decided to redo it
I made a mould for it by cutting out and taping together pieces of cardboard and mdf, and then covered it in duct tape and masking tape. Unfortunately the masking tape allowed a bit of resin to soak through so in some places the carboard stuck, but that's not major as I can sand it off and paint over it when I'm done.

I have since put another layer of glass over it and added a bit to the bottom to make it seal against the ic rad. Once this is done I will be very close to doing a final install of everything, and just need to work on making the bonnet look nice and seal properly.