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Day 19

right, time for an update methinks!

after filling, sanding, primering, sanding, filling some more, sanding, primering, filling, sanding, sanding, primering, sanding sanding sanding etc I got the parts to this point:

The duct that goes between the radiators didn't get much attention, as it's not visible when installed. Also I'm going to redo the duct that goes in the frunk and up to the bonnet vent, as it's too heavy for my liking due to the use of steel, and I also think I could do it much nicer on a second try, especially now that I have made friends with some composites gurus (can you say "carbon fibre"?). Anyway a couple of coats of gloss black 2K paint and they're finally looking presentable

So it's finally install time!

duct between rads:

then the water/air radiator goes on, everything fitting up just nicely as planned!

then the duct in the frunk goes in, 5 self tapping screws go through this and the top support of the inter-rad-duct and then into the steel frame. You might just be able to see the screws above the radiator in this pic

And then the big shroud goes on. Aswell as bolting on in its usual places, this also screws to the duct in the frunk.

On goes the bonnet latch

And the bumper sitting back on the car. Didn't install it fully yet as I couldn't find the little rubber 'eyelid' type things that go in front of the headlights, but I have since found them so will finish install tomorrow!

And a nice outdoor shot