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Radiator and Airflow Mods

I've often thought the MR2 would benefit from having all the airflow through the radiator ducted out the bonnet, in terms of both cooling and aerodynamics. So here's what I planned:

  1. swapping the radiator for an sw20 turbo one (pretty much identical, but my radiator is a bit bent and I have a spare sw20 one)
  2. lying the radiator and the rad for the w/a intercooler horizontal, at the height of the big support beam in the bumper
  3. making a shroud coming from the opening in the front bumper, then coming up under the radiators, meaning every tiny bit of air that goes through the bumper goes through the radiators
  4. Leaving the stock fans on the sw20 radiator (which will be the upper of the two radiators), make two shrouds, one coming off each fan, then ducted into the frunk.
  5. cut two vents into the bonnet, similar to a Ferrari F50, but a little squarer to suit the AW11
  6. Cut the little beam that the radiator normally sits on off, becauser mine is stuffed due to the previous owner driving it drunk and smacking into a kerb. Is chopping this likely to cause and hassles structurally? The current one is barely attached on one end so I don't see it being any worse than it is now.
I'm going to write this up similar to how I did the build diary. A lot of this is copied and pasted from posts I've made on some forums, because I'm a bit lazy.