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In a short time the suspension in the SW11 has undergone several changes.

  1. When purchased, the car was fitted with cut springs, dodgy front shocks, but quite interestingly 4 way adjustable KYB Gymkhana shocks (for circuit use only!).
  2. After failing a warrant of fitness, the springs were replaced with Jamex lowering springs, and the front shocks with KYB stock replacement shocks
  3. During the engine swap, coilover conversion parts were purchased, and the old suspension sold. The coilovers were fitted to SW20 turbo rear struts, from the donor car, along with, coincidentally, KYB 4 way adjustable Gymkhana shocks (for circuit use only!) from an SW20. Unfortunately the SW20 struts are longer than AW11 struts, and the use of them didn't really allow much suspension travel, so they were ditched, and eventually the coilovers were sold because I decided I didn't really need height adjustability!
  4. Currently, the suspension is just stock shocks with Jamex lowering springs (again). The eventual aim is to get some Koni adjustables for it, which is going to cost about $1,000
The suspension is now all held snuggly in place by Prothane bushings from twosrus.com. There is also an SW20 turbo rear sway bar waiting to be installed, I just need to relocate and exhaust hanger because it fouls it at the moment.