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SW11 Junior

This car, acquired on the 27th of February, 2006, is going to recieve a 3S-GE engine and S54 gearbox from a 1990 SW20 MR2, the non turbo version of what powers the mighty SW11. The engine develops about 160hp standard, which combined with the nice torque curve, and lighter weight (compared to the 3S-GTE and E153) should make for a suprisingly quick car. I may try to source a later model 3SGE for it later, as the next generation had 180hp, and the following ones up to 200hp. The manual Altezza motors had 210hp, but the extra work required to fit them in a tranverse layout makes it perhaps not worthwhile.

some basic objectives for this conversion are:

The ultimate goal is to produce and sell a conversion kit that will allow AW11 owners with modest mechanical experience to do the same, within one weekend and without any specialist tools. The finished product would be a very reliable and economic car, with all the driving fun of an NA AW11, but with more power and torque than an AW11 SC or 20valve. Anyway, more details about these kits will be posted once I make some progress, although it has been discussed quite a bit on the forums at if you want to know more.

Other plans for this car? Well it's going to be painted white with a black roof, and may recieve some replica panels from SW11 Senior, such as the engine/boot lid and the bonnet.

This car includes a few nice little goodies. Other than the brand new, unused King Springs, some sway bar end links which will be used on the SW11, and it has a couple of those visors, one of which will go onto SW11 Snr as the old one fell off (oops!). And yes, that 'Black Limited' sticker does look very original - wonder how rare it makes it?