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The Donor - 1991 SW20 NA

This unfortunate SW20 slid into a couple of power poles about 7 years ago. Since then it had sat in the elements until I finally came along to end its suffering. Fortunately for me, it came with a few nice little suprises:

Also a bit of disappointment as all of the wheels were absolutely stuffed! Major buckling and kerbage.

Aswell donating its motor to SW11 Jr, the legacy of this poor soul will also live on, as it's hubs and brakes will go onto SW11 Snr, some of the rear suspension and interior is being used for the red SW20, and some of the rear suspension is now in the garage of Wayne, the infamous V8 AW11 builder, which he's hoping to use to solve some issues with mounting the suspension around the V8 and gearbox

And is it sits now - looking a bit sad and waiting to be collected for scrap metal