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The Engine - 3SGE

To some readers, particularly those from the US, the gen 2 3SGE might be a bit of a mystery, so here's a bit of a run dowm. The engine was produced from 1989-93, and it was in a variety of cars, as far as I know they were all T chassis (ie Celica, Corona, Carina etc), and obviously the SW20. You can read some of the basic specs of it in the 3S-GE Generations tech article.

This engine, in the heavier SW20, can do high 14s to low 15s on a quarter mile with just intake and exhaust mods, so in the lighter AW11 it should be capable of mid-low 14s if I can drive well enough!

There is one particularly interesting feature of this engine, which is the ACIS system. There are variations of the 3SGE ACIS on other motors, like the 5EFHE, and some V6s. The system has a secondary plenum on the inlet runners that opens at high RPMs, changing the resonant frequency of the intake manifold to suit the higher revs. This is a much more effective system than TVIS, as it doesn't pose any restriction to the air path, and it uses much smaller ports which improves cylinder filling. You can see a comparison between the 3SGE ACIS head and a 3SGTE TVIS head in the Gen 2 3S-GTE and 3S-GE Head Comparison page.

The system operates similarly to TVIS, it has a large vacuum chamber which "stores" vacuum which is used to suck on a diaphram to close the butterflies, and the vacuum is cut off by a normally closed VSV by the ECU when revs reach a certain point.

The plenum:

The intake manifold: lower half with secondary plenum attached. You can also see the diaphram that actuates the butterflies on the right

Vacuum cannister: