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The Swap

Shortly after getting the engine out of the donor car, and beginning to prepare it to go into SW11 Jr, the red SW20 fell on my arm, bending my hand back so far it broke my wrist and put me in a cast for 6 weeks, so I'm having to tackle this swap in a slightly different order to how I normally would.

So far most of my time has been spent working out the wiring. Rather than simply cutting plugs of the engine and chassis looms, this time I'm making an adapter loom to mate the 3SGE engine wiring to the AW11 chassis wiring. What this means is that once the engine is mounted, wiring will be a simple case of plug and play. I have mapped out the wiring in paintshop, all I have to do now is get some wire and a wire stripper (so I can strip wire one-handed) and make it.

I am going to be using the stock AW11 chassis mounts + rubber for mounting the engine. I have pretty much finalised the design for the adapter blocks for the mount at each end of the engine/box in CAD, and I will just need to enter some dimensions once I have a dummy one made up and I'll be able to have them milled out of a billet of steel

For the coolant and heater pipes I plan to make something very similar to the pipes from SW11 Snr, and I'll make a jig for replicating them.

Driveshafts are simply plug and play, using the SW20 NA shafts, which is nice.

Anyway I'll keep you all posted as progress is made, I'll try to do a good how-to write up on the swap: I'll start this shortly with how-to remove the 3SGE from the SW20, what parts to keep etc.

For now - some pics:

Engine in the SW20

Engine out of the SW20: